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My Mom is in her mid-eighties and has always been a strong, independent, and healthy woman.   She has taken care of 2 elderly parents and an elderly maiden aunt.  She has buried 2 husbands and an adult child.   She has given birth to 5 children and done a pretty good job at raising them.  Like all people of that age, she has gone from horse and buggy to airplanes — and everything in between.  She has been through numerous wars and the Great Depression.  She has seen almost a century-worth of life!

I began this journal awhile back when she got sick, and I became her caregiver.   I wasn’t sure then why it seemed important to put words on paper.  Therapy?  Maybe.  Most mother and daughter relationships are tricky, and mine is no different; possibly I just wanted to know and understand my mom better — before it was too late.  Someday, I may share names and places, but not yet.  It was my desire to be transparent and honest as I wrote, and in this world of facebook and emails, I didn’t want to risk hurting loved ones.  So this blog remains anonymous for now.  And raw — no fancy words or quotes — just the day by day happenings — all the ups and downs (and there were plenty) of taking care of Mom.

The posts slow down and pause about one year in…. but it’s not the end.  By God’s grace, more pages will be added as our story continues.

Thanks for stopping by, and reading a few stories about Mom and Me

If you’d like to read this story in diary-form as it was chronologically written, use this link: Start At the Beginning of A Journey With Mom.


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